Defend Air-Pro Masks

Partnership with Air Bandit

We have partnered with the Air Bandit team that is already in use with more than 70 Public Works Departments throughout California and Nevada. The Air Bandit Defend Air-Pro Filtered mask is made with material that is engineered using a patent pending Nanofiber technology and is highly-efficient (up to 95%) on sub-micron particles, including bacteria and viruses. In short, THIS MASK PROTECTS THE WEARER from airborne pathogens, particulates and more.

With a DUAL LAYER OF ANTI-MICROBIAL BAMBOO FABRIC, the Defend Air-Pro is comfortable, light weight, form fitting, functional and efficient. They are also adjustable so you can eliminate the straps pulling on your ears.

We have base colors and camo options available, and can also ADD YOUR LOGO to the masks. The team logo adds a personal touch for your squad, your parents, and also makes for a great FUNDRAISING IDEA. Reach out to us for a 15% DISCOUNT on your team or program order.

Our coaches have been wearing these since March, for a good reason. Please reference the DATA SHEET BELOW for more information. Be safe!