The Team Room - February 2021

This month we tackle the recruiting calendar for colleges, good work versus bad, how to handle not getting what you want and ways to help middle school athletes. And of course, our football fun fact.

Recruiting Calendar Overview

UCLA Recruiting Analyst Branden Jones goes over the recruiting calendar for colleges.

While 2020 has been anything but a normal year, this is a typical recruiting calendar for the FBS level. There is a similar calendar for FCS, Division II, and Division III. The key dates as a high school coach are the blue “Evaluation Period” slots. This is when coaches are allowed to be on the road and visit your campus for an athletic evaluation, such as spring ball in April/May and fall practices in September, October, and November. Along with sending prospect lists, send detailed…READ THE REST

Football Fun Fact of the Month

With Tom Brady in the Super Bowl once again, we pulled a stat of interest from the Instagram account the.starting.eleven. Enjoy.

Ways for Middle School Kids to Improve at Practice

We dive into the most common pitfalls we see at practices for middle school kids including: Standing in line, focus, finishing drills and parental involvement.

Middle school athletics is when sports take a competitive turn and the separation between casual and serious starts to take shape. This separation has been accelerated over the years but there are some fundamental aspects that have stayed the same. So lets drill down on some ways that help kids improve…READ THE REST

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Chad Kanoff opens up on how rainy days really do make you appreciate the sunny ones and that periods of struggle are actually when you learn the most about yourself.

At some point everyone experiences not getting what they want. Be it in football—I wish the coach would play me more, I wish I had more scholarship offer, I wish I ran a 4.3 (or even a 4.7), or in life—I wish that girl would like me, I wish I was invited to that party, I wish I didn’t do that stupid thing. I want to be on the Buccaneers as one of Tom Brady’s backup quarterbacks and…READ THE REST

Not All Work is Good Work

There are probably a million receiver drills out there; realistically the list of drills that actually apply to the game and produce positive results is relatively small.

In part one (Advice From a Young Coach) of his three part series, Erick Hernandez spoke about believing in yourself throughout your journey and the fact that all of us have leadership qualities within ourselves. In part two, he speaks on the fact that “not all work is good work”.

During this past off-season, I spoke to some of the best receiver coaches/trainers in the country from the Division I level to the NFL. Through this process, I deepened my understanding that…READ THE REST

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