The Team Room - January 2021

Happy New Year Team! Let's start 2021 on a positive step forward.

Advice From a Young Coach

After his first season as a High School Coach, Erick Hernandez learned valuable lessons about his players. We asked him to dive deeper into the top three. Part one of his three part series begins now.
Lesson One: Belief and Confidence

In my first year as a coach, I had plenty of realizations that changed and shaped my perspective in football and in life. As cliché as it sounds, there is undoubtedly a direct connection between football and life. I found this to be profoundly true in my first season…READ THE REST

Trust Your Process

Developing is hard to do in a neutral environment and it gets increasingly difficult to grow under manipulated circumstances. Be patient and trust your process.

The number one issue that I see every off-season, no matter what age group, is kids and parents being frustrated that their progress is not happening fast enough. I believe that people don’t realize how difficult football is or how easy the professional players make the game look. The fact is that we are dealing with the human body and adding a new skill set is something that does not happen quickly. Whether it is strength in the weight…READ THE REST

Recruiting for High School Coaches

UCLA Recruiting Analyst Branden Jones tackles recruiting from a High School Head Coach perspective. A few tips to streamline the recruiting process and maximizing your time.

You wear many hats as a high school head football coach, most of which take you away from being an actual, on the field football coach. One of those hats you wear is that of a promoter; no, you aren’t Don King, but you have to promote a multitude of kids to a variety of different colleges spread across multiple different levels. Let’s look at efficiencies in the recruitment process to help lighten the load, relieve your stress, and get your back to running a top notch…READ THE REST

There is no "I" in Team

All-Time Princeton great Chad Kanoff explores the importance of team sports and how being a part of a great team outweighed his individual awards.

In team sports you really don’t have to be the best. You just have to help the team. Figuring out your role on a team is one of the most important things you learn to do. Sometimes you are the star player, sometimes you are just a practice player. Some of the best teammates most just show up everyday and work their butt off in practice. Without even playing in an actual game, you can have a huge influence, and get to revel in victories…READ THE REST

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