The Team Room - June 2021

Bryce Young's dad delivers a solid piece on recruiting from a parent's perspective, we circle back on middle school kids improving their workouts and Coach Jones explains how college divisions work.

Our Recruiting Journey - By Craig Young

With #1 ranked High School Quarterback Bryce Young about to take center stage at Alabama, his dad looks back on the recruiting process and shares some knowledge he learned along the way.

I never thought it would come to this… I never in my wildest dreams thought that my son Bryce Young would end up as the #1 ranked High School Quarterback in the country (for whatever that’s worth), win almost every conceivable individual award, and most importantly win a State and National Championship. Along the way, he’d commit to a storied program, later decommit, and then end up at the premier college football program in the country poised to be the starting QB for this upcoming season. It feels a bit odd to be in a reflective mood when in many ways the journey is really just…READ THE REST

Football Fact of the Month

This month we take a look at the Sam Darnold trade to the Carolina Panthers. Was it worth it? Image from the.starting.eleven Instagram page.

Ways for Middle School Kids to Improve at Practice

We dive into the most common pitfalls we see at practices for middle school kids including: Standing in line, focus, finishing drills and parental involvement.

Middle school athletics is when sports take a competitive turn and the separation between casual and serious starts to take shape. This separation has been accelerated over the years but there are some fundamental aspects that have stayed the same. So lets drill down on some ways that help kids improve their practices…READ THE REST

What Is Your WHY

The final of a three part series by UCLA Football Recruiting Analyst Branden Jones. Including an extensive list of how the divisions of college football operate.

What is your WHY for college football? Is it a pipeline to the NFL? Is it for the love of the game? It it for the college degree? Is it to prove doubters wrong? Whatever your motivation, there is a place in college football for you; however, just because you want it doesn’t mean you’ll get it. We have talked about presenting yourself for a college program in the proper manner, but what is out there in terms of college football? Here are the levels of college football, starting from the top and working down.

FBS - Power 5
65 schools with 85 scholarships per team…READ THE REST

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