The Team Room - March 2021

In our March issue we have tips from a Super Bowl Champion Coach, how to build relationships with coaches and assistance on how to run a smoother program using an organizational chart. Enjoy!

4 Tips From a Super Bowl Champion Coach

Chad Kanoff shares 4 things that Byron Leftwich emphasizes to his quarterbacks everyday in his QB room.

I talked to the now Super Bowl champion offensive coordinator of the Buccaneers, Byron Leftwich today. Every once in a while you are lucky enough to get a coach that believes in you. In my NFL career, that coach has been Byron. He came to Princeton and worked me out my senior year, got me signed after the draft, then all training camp gave me opportunities to compete for…READ THE REST

Football Fun Fact of the Month

With a great pick up by the Arizona Cardinals, JJ Watt has officially signed on for next season. However, he can’t wear his number 99 and we pulled a post from CBS Sports to explain why.

It’s About Who Knows You...Advice From a Young Coach

At some point, you will have to gain a coach’s attention, build a relationship, and earn that coach’s trust. The coach needs to know who you are, through and through. Erick Hernandez elaborates...

One of the most important things I learned an off-season ago is, “It’s not about who you know, but rather who knows you”. This advice is very important for my own journey as a coach, but it should be important for yours as well. We all know celebrities, but do they know us? Chances are, probably not. So what good does it do us if we have no relationship with the person we claim…READ THE REST

Coaching Duties Chart

There are many jobs when it comes to running a program and building a chart will help keep it all organized. Remember, if no one is responsible, then no one can be held accountable.

My first year as a Head Coach I struggled mightily with jobs and roles for my assistants. I got really good at assigning tasks as they came up, but never defined exactly who was in charge of what. This was never more apparent than on the way to our first game, an away game no less, when we forget the ball bag. Now I say we forgot, but as the person in charge of the program, it fell squarely on me. Luckily I had a highly qualified assistant coach that…READ THE REST