The Team Room - May 2021

Middle School weight programs, taking inventory before starting off-season work, the art of being coachable, and the NFL and NFLPA just released their report on helmets. Enjoy!

It's Time to Train - Middle School Athletes and Weights

Jeff McCann, M.S. USAW, Owner and Executive Vice President of The Future Elite Academy in Westlake Village, California, lends his 20 years of expertise to help us understand middle school athletes and weights.

The mindset of some in our society is that weight training programs, when implemented prematurely, can ultimately have negative side effects such as stunted growth and or cause debilitating injury. Strength training in any capacity, if done incorrectly, can result in injury—but it needs to be stated that weight training does not negatively impact growth or…READ THE REST

Football Fact of the Month

This week, the NFL and NFLPA released the results of the seventh annual laboratory study to assess performance of helmets worn by NFL players in reducing head impact severity. Find yours.

Take Inventory for Off-Season Improvement

It is important to not simply role into off-season workouts doing the same thing that you were doing during the season. Pause, process, take inventory, and form a plan to improve your game.

The season has come to a close and private workouts, college camps, 7on7, and summer ball are about to be front and center. No matter how your season played out, it is important to not simply role into off-season workouts doing the same thing that you were doing during the season. Do not get stuck in a plateau physically. Pause, process, take inventory of your skill set, and form a plan to improve your…READ THE REST

The Benefits of Being Coachable

It is in the player’s best interest to listen to the coach, respond with an acceptable phrase, and execute whatever has been coached...Our resident Wideout Coach Erick Hernandez explores coachability.

Being a coachable player is one of, if not the most, desirable qualities in an athlete. When a player is coachable they have a willingness to improve their performance both on and off the field and it is consistently demonstrated by their words and actions. Instead of talking about the amount of uncoachable kids or why they are uncoachable I want to share how an athlete can be a coachable…READ THE REST